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    Wuxi Quanli Technology Co., Ltd.is a nongovernmental enterprise which has been developing quickly in recent years. Located in Wuxi New Area, our company enjoys a convenient transportation for it is 10km away from Wuxi airport and Shanghai-Ningbo Expressway and national highway 312 run across this area.

    Since the establishment, our company survives on quality and.....

    Silicone oil series

    Slicone rubber series

    • Add: Hongshan Town, Wuxi New Area, China
    • Zip code: 214145
    • Contact: Qian Min
    • Mobile: +86-13806197627
    • Tel: +86-510-88990627 / +86-510-88990111
    • Fax: +86-510-88990516
    • Email: sales@quanlichem.com
    Contact Person:
    Verification Code:
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